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a realism

10 January 2006, around 20.45.

Frenchman’s dream

fragment from the shower

17 January 2006, around 11.28.


knees on a train

28 January 2006, around 3.03.

family albums

28 January 2006, around 14.03.

cricket, criticism, & Clytaemnestra

the first

29 January 2006, around 22.08.

unknown child, ca. 1885

the second

5 February 2006, around 3.11.

the second

the third

12 February 2006, around 3.09.

Unnamed man, ca. 1885

notes on reading: social

13 February 2006, around 12.44.

19th century London & medieval Iceland


25 February 2006, around 3.01.

the fourth

26 February 2006, around 20.04.

Mallie and Emma Curtis

the fifth

5 March 2006, around 3.01.

Unnamed woman, 1886

A view (17)

10 March 2006, around 21.05.

with polish

the sixth

12 March 2006, around 3.01.

Unnamed man, ca. 1885

the way to wealth

15 March 2006, around 13.41.

the cow as an object of taste


3 April 2006, around 11.23.

springtime and Cyprus

natural selections

9 April 2006, around 18.02.

Thomas Malthus waxes sentimental

lines written in Oregon

14 April 2006, around 10.54.

by Nabokov

quite literally

26 April 2006, around 14.45.


translator’s note

19 May 2006, around 15.12.

some people get cranky about Hegel


1 June 2006, around 12.24.

about the weather and teaching English as a Foreign (or second) language

return to stacks

2 June 2006, around 16.50.

books, libraries, and necromancy

A view (18)

8 June 2006, around 10.27.

watching the rain.

the seventh

10 June 2006, around 12.15.

Unnamed woman, ca. 1885


16 July 2006, around 21.44.

After about two hours of reading or discussion, we would go for a walk and then have tea at Lyons, or in the restaurant above the Regal cinema. Sometimes he came to my house in Searle street for supper. Once after supper, Wittgenstein, my wife and I went for a walk on Midsummer Common. We […]


9 August 2006, around 10.43.

At the long dinner table laid in the garden were the various traveling guests, the grown-up daughters, and the younger children with their governess. The countess presided over the usual European dinner served by men, but the count and the daughter, who had worked all day in the fields, ate only porridge and black bread […]


30 August 2006, around 12.07.

Zigzag, OR, 26 August 2006.

enemy action

1 September 2006, around 12.21.

Cataloguing one’s home library has its good points. Entering in ISBNs and publication information is a wonderful way to devour time. One also gets a chance really to look at one’s books; one so seldom has the opportunity. One buys the book, sometimes one even reads it,1 and then it goes on the shelf, jumbled […]

Raw Materials

19 September 2006, around 10.48.

The hand press printer should make his own ink, as the painter should make his own paints. Ink is not a raw material. Oils and pigments are the raw material of ink; patience in grinding is the only virtue required in the craftsman. Of patience there is this to be said. To be patient is […]

social ethics

27 September 2006, around 18.59.

An exaggerated personal morality is often mistaken for a social morality, and until it attempts to minister to a social situation its total inadequacy is not discovered. To attempt to attain a social morality with a basis of democratic experience results in a loss of the only possible corrective and guide, and ends in an […]


13 October 2006, around 11.26.

The trouble with epigraphy. A fog has settled in for the winter and, although the café is warm and bright, the bustle and noise merely accentuate the drizzle and dark outside. It is my favorite time of year. It feels right to be inside, to be making things with my hands and reading books. Not […]

Cold Fish

2 November 2006, around 22.26.

It was a most comfortable house to visit. Gertrude Stein liked it, she could stay in her room or in the garden as much as she liked without hearing too much conversation. The food was excellent, scotch food, delicious and fresh, and it was very amusing meeting all of the Cambridge dignitaries. We were taken […]

sugar daddy

7 December 2006, around 14.57.

Good writers are so rare that if I were a critic, I would only try to point out what I think makes them reliable and enjoyable. For how can anyone explain the mystery of creation? Hemingway can take any amount of criticism – from himself; he is his own severest critic, but, like all his […]

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