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All her generation use their brains too scrupulously upon books, seeking meaning rather than letting themselves run on for pleasure which is more or less my way, & thus naturally richest & best.

– Virginia Woolf, Diaries
I.192 (10.ix.1918).


From July 2002 the books cited are comprehensive and articles are cited as occasion warrants. Prior to July 2002, only books read for pleasure are listed. Starting in 2006, orange text signifies that either the book is either very short, or is a zine or graphic novel. From 2010, books read on an e-reader (of whatever sort) are marked with a ‘d’ after the number. Also, I thought it might be nice to make a few brief notes about what I read, just so’s I can forget it faster.

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I also try to keep track of books I would like to read, but I usually forget – or change my mind. Some of these reading aspirations are about the history (and future) of the book.

(last revised: 3 January 2016)

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