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Montaigne 1.7
Useful Hints

(8) Finger-prints of any value to the police are seldom found on anybody’s skin.

(9) The pupils of many drug-addicts’ eyes are apparently normal.

(10) It is impossible to see anything by the flash of an ordinary gun, though it is easy to imagine you have seen things.

(11) Not nearly so much can be seen by moonlight as you imagine. This is especially true of colors.

(17) Even detectives who drop their final g’s should not be made to say anythin’ – an oddity that calls for vocal acrobatics.

(18) Youse is the plural of you.

(19) A trained detective shadowing a subject does not ordinarily leap from doorway to doorway and does not hide behind trees and poles. He knows no harm is done if the subject sees him now and then.

– Dashiell Hammett, ‘Suggestions to Detective Story Writers’